IT Operations

Defining and understanding the maturity of the IT organisation, is a key starting point for any organisation that feels it does not have a baseline understanding of their IT Operations capability.

1. Our consultant will work with the client on determining the Scope of Work and identify resources and timings

2. Four main areas will be assessed, Plan and Organize, Acquire and Implement, Deliver and Support and Monitor and Evaluate.


1. Plan and Organise

  • Define a Strategic IT Plan
  • Define the Information Architecture
  • Determine Technological Direction
  • Define the IT Processes, Organisation and Relationships
  • Manage the IT Investment
  • Communicate Management Aims and Direction
  • Manage IT Human Resources
  • Manage Quality
  • Assess and Manage IT Risks
  • Manage Projects


2. Acquire and Implement

  • Identify Automated Solutions
  • Acquire and Maintain Application Software
  • Acquire and Maintain Technology Infrastructure
  • Enable Operation and Use
  • Procure IT Resources
  • Manage Changes
  • Install and Accredit Solutions and Changes


3. Deliver and Support

  • Define and Manage Service Levels
  • Manage Third-party Services
  • Manage Performance and Capacity
  • Ensure Continuous Service
  • Ensure Systems Security
  • Identify and Allocate Costs
  • Educate and Train Users
  • Manage Service Desk and Incidents
  • Manage the Configuration
  • Manage Problems
  • Manage Data


4. Monitor and Evaluate

  • Monitor and Evaluate IT Performance
  • Monitor and Evaluate Internal Control
  • Ensure Compliance with External Requirements
  • Provide IT Governance