Lean Agile delivery

July 17, 2012 in Main

Lean Strategic alignment

Focuses on ensuring the linkage of business and IT plans; defining, maintaining and validating the IT value proposition; and aligning IT operations with enterprise operations.

Lean Value delivery

Relates to executing the value proposition throughout the delivery cycle, ensuring that IT delivers the promised benefits against the strategy, concentrating on solutions that optimise costs and validate the intrinsic value of IT.

Advantages of Lean:

  • Identifies opportunities to improve product quality
  • Reduces risk by continual testing and feedback of the product
  • Identification of waste reduces costs and increases profitability
  • An environment of continuous learning and improvement

Advantages of Agile

  • Solutions get to market faster
  • Projects failing get identified earlier avoiding future losses.
  • Changes can occur faster and more simply with minimum of waste.

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